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I'pin eye


“Sébastien Renard arrived in Forcalquier, from his native Belgium, in 2013. He was immersed in the world of the press from an early age, with a father who was editor-in-chief of a weekly. Passionate too, he offered him a small film compact at a very young age to take pictures. A professional translator for various institutions, Sébastien, equipped with his inseparable digital Fujifilm, has decided to turn his passion into a full-time activity! On a personal level, his favorite areas are nature, landscapes, villages. He develops his photos using digital tools but always tries to keep them natural. The staging of his images, available for personalized gifts, renews the vision of the county city. It also offers professional services for regional clients: photography as a new service, for the territory and its actors. »

Text by Philippe Chartron


CarolE AurIac


"The Living: whether animal or human, I like movement but also poses, moments of grace. I like to think that I have the chance to see the beauty of the world around us, my sculptures it's my way of paying homage to it... In animals, I see their natural elegance, their power and at the same time their vulnerability.I particularly like to represent wild animals, the harshness of their environment. making it so authentic. My inspirations: the paintings of Julie Salmon, Vincent Richieux, the sculptures of Patrick Villas, by Erick Aubry, pictures by Nick Brandt, Laurent Baheux... In humans, it's the sacred feminine that I celebrate. Shamans, women of the first peoples, foster mothers are so many models that embody the energy of life."




Andrée was born and lives in Mane. Very manual since her earliest childhood, she draws inspiration from everyday life to manifest her creative spirit. It can be applied for hours to finalize a movement, an expression... She begins her passion as an artist assumed by painting on clothes, glass, ceramics, etc. Any medium is a pretext to express one's need to create and assert oneself. His work on glass is the starting point of an evolution, a journey towards a very recognizable work. Serge Fiorio, Provençal painter, relative of Jean Giono, inspired her and gave her the desire to paint; she sketched her first “naive” paintings on linen acrylic frames in the early 90s. After a trip to the Moroccan desert comes her “orientalist period”, her works are then essentially paintings of Tuaregs or typical landscapes. Since then, his painting has evolved a lot; after going through symbolic paintings, still lifes, she is now passionate about hyperrealistic portraits in which the play of shadows and lights give a mysterious note to her portraits with deep and expressive looks that are all the rage and open her eyes. bigger doors. Welcome to the world of Andrée and know how to discover her unique universe.


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