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Small Jean

5 musicians from different and complementary universes come together around a repertoire composed of new pieces and reworked old ones, where the vocal harmonies mix with the diversity of the instruments, and where the texts, sometimes light, sometimes engaged - especially on environment- let themselves be carried away by a "trad" music that is resolutely more rock, more festive and even sometimes trance. A music of crosses without borders, close to people and unifying, like their adaptation of Jean Petit who dances, flagship of their repertoire for more than 20 years...

The musicians :
C'dric (vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bouzouki, flute, harp, saxophone)
Jean Jacques (vocals, drums, percussion)
Xavier (bass, vocals)
Gabriel (violin, vocals)
Seb (trumpet, keyboard, percussion, voice)

An introspective journey with tribal colors, Olün navigates between ethnic melodies, electronic sounds and noise music, all served by a mix of electro-acoustic instruments. On stage, this young duo seizes
with virtuosity of guitars, voices, keyboards, clarinet and electronic music to sail towards a dreamlike, rich and deep universe.
Hypnotic and kinetic, Olün's compositions serve the “Genealogy of Decadence” concert for a progressive rise in power.


The musicians :
Bruno Roché (MAO techniques, which spice up his sound universe and transcend his compositions, for an explosive mix of guitar, keyboard and live ableton)

Solal Fayet (Guitarist and singer, guitar, clarinet and voice, sounds with pedalboard)

Léo Vandermeeren (Sound and light technician, accompanies, supports, and textures the sound of Olün.)


Ôdette is a vocal quartet, it's a 4 voice
voice, which takes you on a journey through the
worlds through meticulously picked songs.

Accompanied by percussion, we sing you this music from here and elsewhere and we tell you their stories.

Acampa is groove and energy. Around a reggae beat, nine close-knit musicians unfold a set that transports the audience. On an impeccable rhythmic base, the saturated guitar, the keyboard and the brass support the voices for an adventure that has become rare in the musical landscape. Not to miss.


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