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In the Name of Mother Earth


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Events In the Name of Mother Earth throughout the year!

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At the Dawn of the 3rd millennium, we want to offer you another glimpse of what Life can be!

Since the dawn of time, humans have had a relationship with their environment which allowed them to develop as a unit, until the integration of industrialization and the spirit of consumption.

To this day, there are still indigenous peoples and people who think differently, because they have kept this unwavering link with our planet Earth.

We offer you another vision of what our life can be, in respect and harmony with nature and humanity.

For each of our speakers and speakers, Nature is a nurturing Mother. Coming from everywhere, with different cultures and origins, they create extraordinary bridges between ancestral knowledge and modernity. The history that has been transmitted to us and the news that is transmitted to us are revisited from their eyes, their experiences. They express their concerns but also their wishes and their hope for our planet and humanity!


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