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general meeting

September 29 to  6 p.m.

This Friday, September 29 at 6 p.m. the general meeting of our association will take place, in our new premises: 4 place du Palais in Forcalquier!
An opportunity to present our “post-festival” assessment to our precious and precious members, but also to unveil our promising projects for 2023 - 2024! 

We would like to open this general assembly to all of you who wish to meet us and learn more about our association! So you are welcome!! 

In parallel with our general assembly, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a landscaped listening experience!!
Surprising sounds born from manufactured and recovered instruments, in a miniature “acousmonium” thanks to eight amplifiers played live; this is what Yann Magnan and the improvisation duo Deütre invite you to discover; An attempt at dialogue between music, sounds and spaces which will take place at 4 place du Palais in Forcalquier! 🎶

The price for this sound experience is free and conscious.

Hope to meet you !!

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