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In the Name of Mother Earth is an association that wants to be humanist, humanitarian, made up of determined people, and knowing how to pool their values and their capacities for action in order to defend Life in all its forms. We create bridges: internships, conferences and once a year a 3-day festival.


Creator of the festival, Lilia Ayala is a medicine woman of Guarani (Paraguay) and Basque (Spain) origin. His relationship to Mother Earth has been deep since he was young. She coordinates the meetings and participates in the overall management of the event with the Belle Équipe. "To walk my word, to have the constancy to co-create together, to join our knowledge, and from our deep foundations to create bridges of peace, equity and harmony and thus repair our links with our Mother Earth".


All our meetings are intended to promote social, ecological and economic exchanges, spiritualand cultural in order to create a real convergence towards a more harmonious world and establish solid and lasting bridges. The Team wishes, during this festival, to contribute to the strengthening of human capacities, to highlight our infinite riches by combining ancestral knowledge and current sciences in the service of Life.


The theory of the 5 elements is a way of representing the world in its greatest beauty and in great simplicity. We find this vision in several cultures, particularly in Asia (the wheel of the 5 elements) and in Andean cultures (the Chakana).

Our association has chosen to adopt the theory of the 5 Asian elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Air and to honor one of these elements every year. 



The symbol of our associationion

Our logo is represented by a hand, transparent, it springs up like a tree that holds, receives and protects the Wiphala, round and multicolored...

Credits: Manuel Braun

Mr. Pierre Rabhi did us the honor of introducing the first edition of our festival with a love letter, because he was invited elsewhere. We let you discover it and taste, once again, the committed sweetness of this man who left for other places, some time later.


“Dear friends, dear friends, dear all,

It is with great regret that I cannot be with you today for this meeting “In the name of Mother Earth.
I particularly want to apologize to those who have probably come from afar and whom I will not be able to meet. Given the circumstances, I try with this little message to share with you what is close to my heart. You probably know that the question of the first peoples, the root peoples, has affected me for many years.
As proof, I had the honor of prefacing two books devoted to them, that of Pierre de Vallombreuse "The Root Men" very beautiful book of photographs and that of Sabah RAHMANI, "Words of the root peoples, Plea for the earth This to confirm my attachment to these peoples.
Indeed, my affection for these communities has for a long time been wounded by the condition imposed on them all over the world, announcing, in the long term, their total eradication if the general opinion continues to consider them as remnants of a world forever gone.
They are, for me, the essential witnesses of a perception and a conception of life which the whole of Humanity, in the doldrums and the nonsense in which it is bogged down, will need more and more.
I wish you beautiful and enriching encounters,
To all of you with my deepest friendship”

Pierre Rabhi
March 2020

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