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Previous editions


Our first edition navigated between social acceptability and health requirements. We were determined to make these meetings exist which seemed to us, more than ever, essential, our goal being to share with the greatest number ancestral, scientific, artistic, cultural, spiritual and other knowledge, in the service of Life and to combine them on the scene. We learned to surf all the waves…


The departure was planned for the African continent, life decided otherwise and it was Forcalquier who accepted our request. Some of our speakers were unable to cross the sea, others braved it, convinced of the cultural dimension, the artistic dynamics and the social and spiritual mix that inhabited us and still inhabits us.


The speakers trusted us and we put our trust in them. 350 people marched for 2 days, it was joyful, moving, very strong. 


Conrad(France - Generous and benevolent sponsor of our 1st edition - Spirituality & human relationship to the World) Professor Andres Vera Gomez(Argentina - Guarani culture)Valgerdür Bjarnadötir(Iceland – Icelandic Philosophy and Earth Preservation)Professor Philippe Bobola(France - Bridge between science and ancestral knowledge)Sabah Rahmani(Morocco/France – Journalist at Natives - Information and defense of territories and indigenous peoples of the world)Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche(Tibet – Buddhism spirituality & relationship to Mother Earth)Fredy Apaza Huarhua(Peru -Bernard Gillet(France/Morocco – conference on the SDGs).

Jacinto Aceri(Bolivia) &Anne-Beatrice Faye(Senegal) could not attend


Our planet is changing. Aware of this transformation, we have the choice to believe in Life and in the human strength to defend it. In this world which is re-drawn there are people with knowledge and human capacities which go in the direction of the construction, the repair, the education and the human rights.


Strengthened by the impact of our 1st edition, Au Nom de la Mère Terre has continued its relational weaving, knowledge and arts helping in this metamorphosis.

450 people attended this 2nd edition over 3 days.

Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche(Godfather, Tibet)Valgerdür Bjarnadöttir(Godmother, Iceland) Raoul Mvita Kalume(Congo) Philippe Bobola(France) Father Kumeran(India/South Africa) Tiokasin Ghosthorse(USA - Cheyenne Nation) Cacique Tanone(Brazil) Professor Andres Vera Gomez(Argentina - in Visio) Fredy Apaza Huarhua(Peru) Sabah Rahmani(France/Morocco) Trayenko Gnen Lip Paillalef Painemal(Chile) Sister Anne-Beatrice Faye(Senegal - by video)

The rain expected for months has come to close our festival!

A real blessing followed by a concert, under the arcades, offered by Lama Samten, godfather 2023, under the benevolent force of Valgerdür Bjarnadöttir, our godmother 2023!

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