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In the Name of Mother Earth


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Events In the Name of Mother Earth

Toutes les mains dans


Growth of other perspectives and cultures

Our association creates cultural events with our planet as their main theme.

​Faced with the unprecedented climate emergency we are facing, aspirations and actions are emerging today from all countries.

We propose and commit to being a human and cultural interface at the service of our planet (meetings, exchanges, convergences and also actions, cooperation, education, solidarity).

These are transdisciplinary encounters emanating from the weaving of arts, sciences, social innovations, material and intangible, cultural and natural heritage with the aim of getting closer to a collective consciousness.

Between ancestral and contemporary knowledge, we have brought together every year for 4 years, people arriving from 5 continents: scientists, anthropologists, indigenous leaders, journalists, professors, writers, spiritual representatives, philosophers, artists and many others. Together, they explore the frontiers of knowledge.

Inspired by their own knowledge and practices, they share in respect and harmony with living things, understood as the union of individuals with biodiversity.

Once a year, we create a magnificent festival which opens a time of intercultural, intergenerational dialogue, which proposes to innovate in the face of change.


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